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Freight Broker Boot Camp Audio Experience

Mar 21, 2024

Ever wondered why your freight broker credit doesn't seem to improve even tho you are paying your carriers via quick pay?. Well, in this Freight Broker Boot Camp episode, I will discuss "Why Quick Pays Are Killing Your Freight Broker Credit!". My Special Guest Tom Croteau who is also the CEO of OperFi will dive into all the details plus a lot more! Stay tuned and enjoy!

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[00:00] Quick Intro

[00:40] Who is Tom Croteau and what is OperFi?

[01:55] What makes OperFi different from other Factoring Companies?

[02:41] Tune in for a "Special Offer" at the end!

[03:21] How freight broker startups build their credit

[04:20] Different Credit Agencies

[06:05] Why are Quick Pays Killing Your Freight Broker Credit!

[07:28] The math behind the algorithm of how quick pays negatively affects your broker credit

[09:37] Is it the same thing even if a broker is working direct with carriers and does a quick pay?

[13:07] The different factors between a consumer credit and a business credit

[14:17] How factoring companies can help you improve your credit

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