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Freight Broker Boot Camp Audio Experience

Sep 11, 2023

In this Freight Broker Boot Camp episode, I will answer the question, "When should a freight broker or freight agent follow up with a shipping prospect?" I will walk you through 3 different scenarios on how and when to follow up with shippers.

The goal of this episode is to teach you 1) how to get shippers as a freight broker, 2) how to get direct shippers, and 3) how to get freight from shippers using these simple but effective sales follow-up strategies.



[00:00] Introduction

[00:22] How freight brokers and freight agents should follow up with shippers if they show interest in doing business with them

[00:47] How long before you should follow up with a shipper that tells you they are not interested.

[01:16] How a freight broker or freight agent should follow up if the shipper asks for information.

[01:41] A simple question you can ask as a freight broker to help with your freight broker sales follow-up process.

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