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Freight Broker Boot Camp Audio Experience

Sep 18, 2023

In this Freight Broker Boot Camp episode, I will share with you how to get big shippers as a freight broker or freight agent using a proven outreach and relationship-building strategy.  To learn about our 100% risk-free training program for brokers and agents go to


[00:00] Introduction

[00:27] Why not all customers/clients are created equally?

[01:25] The story of Chet Holmes and how he turned around a company using the Dream 100 strategy.

[05:10] What is The Dream 100 Strategy?

[05:47] How The Dream 100 Strategy can be implemented in a Freight Brokerage?

[07:52] Different types of outreach that Chet Holmes and his team did in order to make it work

[09:00] Why you should always have a Dream 100 shipper list

[12:52] Different is Better than Better

[13:45] A tip for startup brokerages

[14:50] What would it look like if you managed to get 10 out of the Dream 100

[18:35] Subscribe, Rate & Review!


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