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Freight Broker Boot Camp Audio Experience

Aug 21, 2023

Today's Freight Broker Boot Camp episode is very special because I will interview freight agent Monica Gonzales. Why? Because she earned over $300k in profit in 2019 and I thought it might help if she shared how she made that much money as a freight agent. 



[00:12] Who is Monica Gonzalez?

[03:10] How much revenue did she make last 2019 

[05:29] If you could start all over, what do you wish you knew in advance?

[07:03] Some of her early struggles and lessons learned along the way.

[10:07] Monica shares an interesting skill that she has that has directly attributed to her success as a freight agent.

[17:00] She shares the one thing that she is not good at

[19:40] We also discuss some of her biggest challenges she has faced in growing a highly profitable business. 

[23:24] How she struggled with the decision of staying a freight agent vs becoming a freight broker.

[24:35] Her #1 strategy for getting new shippers as a freight broker/agent.

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