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Freight Broker Boot Camp Audio Experience

Apr 4, 2024

Looking for help with Freight Broker Cold Calling or Freight Broker Sales? Well, in this episode of Freight Broker Boot Camp, I will tell a short story of how I landed a $500K shipper in just 2 phone calls! PLUS I share 3 tips that will help you get more shippers. Tune in and enjoy!



[00:00] Introduction

[00:36] The story of "How I got a $500K Shipper in Just 2 Calls!"

[04:39] The reason why this is stroy is important

[05:00] Lesson #1 - Gathering Sales Intelligence

[06:06] Lesson #2 - I Was Different

[06:48] Lesson #3 - Focusing on Building Relationship Over Transactions

[07:59] Freight Broker Sales Accelerator -

[08:47] Get Your Freight Broker Training NOW! -

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