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Freight Broker Boot Camp Audio Experience

Sep 14, 2023

Are you afraid of cold calling? or are you having a hard time picking up that phone and prospecting other customers? When it comes to freight broker cold calling most brokers struggle. They resist picking up the phone to contact prospective shippers. They procrastinate when it comes time for sales and selling.

So In this episode of Freight Broker Boot Camp, I will share with you 4 reasons why most freight brokers and freight agents are afraid to cold call as well as 3 tips on how you can overcome them. Enjoy!



[00:00] Introduction

[00:25] Accepting the fact that sales is a part of the process

[01:20] Reason #1 - You don't know what to say

[01:53] What is a "Sales Script"?

[02:13] What's a cold call about and what it's not

[02:27] Freight Broker Sales Accelerator -

[03:48] Reason #2 - You don't know who to contact

[04:16] The people you can contact when prospecting

[05:15] Reason #3 - You don't have enough practice 

[05:35] A great tip on how you can practice your sales script and improving your confidence when cold-calling

[06:55] Reason #4 - You are afraid of rejection

[07:45] How you can overcome your fear of rejection

[08:04] Tip #1 - Create a compelling sales hook

[09:09] Example on how you can create a compelling sales hook

[11:20] Tip #2 - Learn how to prepare for rejections!.

[11:26] The 4 common objections that freight brokers and freight agents will face during cold calls

[12:25] Tip #3 - Gather Sales Intelligence

[12:56] What is Sales Intelligence?

[13:08] How you can gather sales intelligence

[13:49] My 3 favorite places on where to gather sales intelligence for FREE!

[14:50] Get Your Freight Broker Training NOW! -

[15:08] Subscribe, Rate & Review!


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