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Freight Broker Boot Camp Audio Experience

Oct 26, 2023

Why do truck drivers dislike freight brokers? In this short Freight Broker Boot Camp episode, I am going to share 9 reasons why truck drivers, owners operators, and trucking companies dislike and some might say HATE, freight brokers! Enjoy.



[00:00] Introduction

[00:47] Reason #1 - Cheap Freight

[01:57] Reason #2 - Posting Loads on Loadboards that are 100 Miles Away from the Pick-up Locations!

[03:05] Reason #3 - Excessive Check Calls

[04:02] Reason #4 - Providing the Wrong or Incomplete Load Details

[05:06] Reason #5 - Not Willing to Pay Detentions

[06:10] Reason #6 - Not Paying The Invoice On-Time

[07:04] Reason #7 - Unrealistic Pick-up or Delivery Expectations

[07:51] Reason #8 - Cancelling a Load After Providing a Rate Confirmation to a Carrier/Driver Because They Were Able to Cover The Load a Little Bit Cheaper

[08:36] Reason #9 - Not Paying a Truck Ordered Not Used

[09:24] Final Piece of Advice - You need strong carrier relationships

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